Gardiyan ATM Management

ATM Management

Monitoring, Management, Configuration and Security

Track ATMs from a
Single Center!

Gardiyan ATM manages ATMs securely from a single center, monitors them in real time and quickly detects any problems that may occur and creates an alarms.
Gardiyan ATM is a security solution that enables to manage thousands of ATMs at the same time from a central location, regardless of operating system architecture (32 bit, 64 bit).
Gardiyan ATM ensures that information such as brand, model, image version, application version, last build date, processor, ram, disk capacity and free space and EPP Model of ATMs are taken from the ATM and processed into its inventory. When there is a change in any of this information, it reports the relevant change to the central management.

Features & Capabilities


It enables ATMs to be managed, configured and automatically updated from a single center independent of brand & model. Configures and updates money files and provides file transfer

Equipment Tracking

Allows monitoring and management of ATM peripherals equipment (camera, printer etc.)


When the determined threshold values are exceeded, it keeps logs under critical level records and creates alarms and notifications


Instant Intervention in

Thanks to the notification infrastructure It provides instant notification when changes on parameters on ATMs has occured.

Creating Collections According to Inventory information of ATMs

Collective actions are taken in collections created without connecting to devices

Gardiyan ATM

Allows you to view all ATMs on a single map and quickly access the relevant ATM in case of situation a suspicious through operational screens.


Brand & Model


Remote Operating System Deployment and setup

Instant, Periodic and Future Remote Connection

Integration with Third-Parties HW & SW

Thanks to XMPP, Uninterrupted Connection Even at Low Internet Speeds

Features & Capabilities

Scheduled Report Transmission